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Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics &
obstacles of women’s role in agricultural development are lack of literacy, family obstacles, whereby women
always face disagreement with their family while attending to social and economic activities. 
UKaid and University of Manchester This rapid review synthesises data from academic, policy and NGO sources on women’s
participation in peacebuilding in Iraq. 
LSE Middle East Centre Report, Women, Peace and Security in Iraq: Iraq’s National Action Plan to implement Resolution 1325. LSE Middle East Centre Report, Middle East Centre, LSE, London, UK.
Universiti Utara Malaysia. Investigate women’s awareness of using social media to get empowered in the IT workforce as well as the role of the social media in women empowerment in this sector.
LSE Middle East Centre Report, gender and statehood – LSE Research Online
Department of Community Medicine, Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Iraq. Crescent Journal of Medical and Biological Sciences
LSE Middle East Centre Statebuilding and Gender in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
University of Exeter The Effects of Gender Policies in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga
women in English Aarab Media: comparing representation in Iraq, Saudi Arabia  and Qatar
Institute of Arab & Islamic Studies University of Exeter Reconstructing Gender: Iraqi Women between Dictatorship, War, Sanctions and Occupation
ICSR King’s College London Strand London WC2R 2LS United Kingdom From Daesh to ‘Diaspora’: Tracing the Women and Minors of Islamic State
United Nations Children’s Fund, Iraq Maternal and Neonatal Health in Select Districts of Iraq: Findings from a Recent Household Survey
SOAS,”University of London The$Forgotten$Story:$ Women$and$Gender$Relations$10$Years$After
;;;;;;;;;; Geography/Women’s Studies 94 Research Project After the Invasion: An Outlook on the Futu
UNFPD The GBV Assessment, in Conflict Affected Governorates in Iraq
Woodrow Wilson Intrnational Gender for scholers Women’s Role in Post-Conflict Iraq
Al-Fanar media Beyond the numbers: Arab women’s participation in research
Madar research and development – Orient planet Arab Knowledge Economy Report 2014
Arab Barometer Satisfaction with the current government’s performance: Educational needs
Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) . All staff compensation as a percentage of total expenditure in public institutions