The forthcoming MERI Forum 2017 will be held between 7-9 November

The Middle East Research Institute (MERI) holds a broad array of conferences and meetings, including regular large-scale international Forums. These events are designed to engage local and international stakeholders, opinion-leaders, and decision-makers while providing a platform to discuss and debate key issues affecting Iraq, the Kurdistan Region and the wider Middle East. Using its position as the leading independent policy research institute in Iraq, MERI aims to promote constructive discussions regarding a broad array of issues.

On these occasions, MERI has been fortunate enough to host such esteemed speakers as, the President of Iraq, Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Ministers from both Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, and international dignitaries that have included the Foreign Minister of Turkey.

Events held by MERI are held with the aim to promote peace, stability and prosperity in the wider Middle East through focused dialogue and debate. MERI believes that this process and culture is pivotal in determining the long-term stability of Iraq and the wider Middle East.

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