MERI Forum 2016


 “The Future of the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities”


25-27 October, 2016

The 2016 annual MERI Forum follows on from the success of our 2014 and 2015 forums, which brought together decision-makers, academics and opinion-leaders to discuss a range of social, economic, and political issues.

This year we aim to debate and analyse many of the core issues that are affecting the region today. Thus, the forum will revolve heavily around themes linked to the Islamic State, the economic and political crises, as well as the ever-changing regional power dynamics.

The ultimate objective of the MERI Forum is to promote peace, stability and prosperity in the wider Middle East through dialogue and reconciliation. MERI believes that this process and culture is pivotal in determining the long-term stability of Iraq and the wider Middle East. Over the course of three days, the conference provides a forum for dialogue and reconciliation providing creative and constructive answers to a range of policy issues.

The success of the MERI Forum is largely due to it providing a neutral and independent setting for academics and key political actors to share ideas and debate the issues affecting the Middle East today.

The 2016 MERI Forum will involve a number of key local and international policy makers, as well top academics in the field and will include the following panels:

  • The Economic Crisis; Lessons learnt?
  • The Kurdish Opposition Parties in Iraq: Aspirations amid fragmentation
  • Reconciliation after IS: improving relationships and reconnecting communities
  • Liberating Mosul: Political and Security Solutions
  • Governing Iraq
  • Visions for the future of the Middle East
  • A conflict sensitive EU approach to conflict and crisis in the Middle East
  • EU and Turkey in the Middle East
  • Global Power Dynamics in the Middle East: Conflict and Collaboration
  • Regional Power Dynamics in the Middle East: Conflict and Collaboration
  • Local Power Dynamics in Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Conflict and Collaboration

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