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Time for a Radical Rethink. Full report on the MERI Economic Forum 2016

This first MERI Economic Forum explored the challenges and policy options available to mitigate the current economic crisis in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The title, “Time for a Radical Rethink,” was reflected in the debates that resulted in actionable recommendations for the government and private sector.

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MERI Mentions

A selection of recent articles where MERI received international media coverage

Voice of America

“Negative developments in the relations between the KRG and IOCs can lead to major disinvestment that can hit current oil production and future projects on gas exploitation, and erode confidence of potential foreign investors in other sectors”

Al Jazeera English

“Without addressing these issues and providing a detailed plan for post-conflict reconstruction and employment, I fear that [ISIL] will either return or another radical entity will take its place, continuing the cycle of ethnosectarian violence in Iraq”

Voice of America

A military coup, if successful, would have at best brought about new uncertainties, and at worse would have taken Turkey & KRI back to the old days.

Deutsche Welle

“The Iraqi leader wants to reshuffle his cabinet but he has a weak base of power… his greatest rivals are now his fellow party members and former fellow campaigners”

Al Jazeera English

“The people who are asking for reforms as well as the people promising the reforms are not talking about the fundamental changes in the rule of law, policies and vision, and they neither show will and determination.”

Middle East Eye

“If Kirkuk was to become part of the KRG there is no doubt that locals would want Kirkuk to be treated in a different manner to Sulimani, Erbil, Dohuk and Halabja.”