Iraq Forum opening remarks

Iraq Forum is a unique platform in Baghdad for national and international stakeholders to share their visions, debate strategies, and offer bold and necessary policy recommendations designed to tackle the country’s major challenges.


Iraq Forum 2023

The Iraq Forum is a new Baghdad-based platform for policy debates; organised by MERI in partnership with Iraq Institute for Dialogue and Al-Nahrain Centre for Strategic Studies


The US is Here to Stay

The special policy debate was dedicated to discussing US policy in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, following a visit by a high-level US delegation to Baghdad and Erbil.



The US Strategies in Iraq and the Wider Region

The US strategies in the Middle East has evolved significantly. In this policy debate with US Assistant Secretary of State Barbara Leaf clarifies the US strategy in Iraq and the neighbouring countries. 


Tackling Corruption and Reforming the Financial System

The Iraqi financial system does not meet the challenges, while corruption has become deeply entrenched. The “Heist of the Century” revealed structural weaknesses within Iraq’s financial system. How can this system be reformed and corruption controlled?



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A series of exciting events are lined up for this year, including meetings, debates, workshops, seminars and conferences. Click here to see past events