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Short Video Interviews with KRI Political Leaders on the Current Crises

Short Interviews with the Kurdistan Region’s leading politicians regarding their vision for the way forward amidst the current political crises. Questions: 1. What should be done to break the stalemate between Baghdad and Erbil and resume talks?  2. What is your vision for uniting the Kurdish political discourse? Answers by: Mahmood Othman, Veteran Politician Fazel […]



Anti-Corruption Efforts in Iraq

Given the institutionalized nature of corruption in Iraq, fighting it will prove substantially difficult, and would require a national program that upsets major aspects of Iraqi politics.

Yasir Kuoti


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A selection of recent articles where MERI received international media coverage

NBC News

“Squeezing the Kurds too much could turn an armed standoff into an all-out ethnic conflict between two U.S.-armed forces. Given these developments, the only sensible way forward is for Baghdad and Irbil to make negotiations a priority.

Algemeen Dagblad

“In the post-IS era old wounds threaten to resurface. Especially after IS, the Iraqi society became especially militarised. Everybody carries a weapon now. The risk of future conflicts being managed in a more violent way is much higher.”

BNR Radio

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“The lack of a common narrative shared by both Arabs and Kurds regarding the history of Hasan Sham village is an obstacle to reconstruction and reconciliation”


Even a complete military victory over the Sunni extremists in Mosul will not change the reality that there is still no political agreement in place, or even basic trust, that could reconcile Iraq’s Sunni Arab minority with the Shiite-dominated national government.

NRC Handelsblad

“Instead of breaking off relations between communities in Nineveh it is better to find ways for how to improve those relationships”


Kurdish Peshmerga forces are expected to participate in the offensive from the northern front as part of an agreement signed with the United States and Iraqi army.