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How a Fragile Iraq Is Facing the Covid-19 Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic hit Iraq in late February, when the country was in its most fragile and vulnerable state and its caretaker government had been in deep hibernation since the start of mass protests in October 2019.


Peace and Stability in Iraq

Prospects for peace and stability in Iraq are being threatened by civil unrest and escalating tensions between the US and Iran. This roundtable report summarizes current dynamics and their policy implications for national and international stakeholders.

Kristin Perry


The Status of Erbil-Baghdad Relations

In Iraq, politics is personal, and the politics of Baghdad-Erbil relations is no exception. Improvements and deteriorations in this relationship have largely been dictated by interpersonal dynamics, such as the rapport and mutual confidence between leaders.

Dlawer Ala’Aldeen


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