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A selection of recent articles where MERI received international media coverage


Kurdish Peshmerga forces are expected to participate in the offensive from the northern front as part of an agreement signed with the United States and Iraqi army.

Voice of America

The U.S. strategy against Islamic State extremists figured prominently in the first presidential debate Monday night. The candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton, 68, and Republican Donald Trump, 70, offered starkly different takes on defeating the extremist group.


An interview with the president of Middle East Research Institute.

Al Jazeera English

Barzani’s term is set to end this week, but a controversial government decision could extend it for another two years.

Voice of America

“Negative developments in the relations between the KRG and IOCs can lead to major disinvestment that can hit current oil production and future projects on gas exploitation, and erode confidence of potential foreign investors in other sectors”

Al Jazeera English

“Without addressing these issues and providing a detailed plan for post-conflict reconstruction and employment, I fear that [ISIL] will either return or another radical entity will take its place, continuing the cycle of ethnosectarian violence in Iraq”