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The New Dutch Consul General visits MERI

‘We are all here to support this region against ISIS and promote good governance, democracy and economic prosperity’, stated Janet Alberda, the new Consul General of the Netherlands during her visit to MERI.


MERI in Washington DC

A team of MERI’s Research Fellows will be visiting Washington DC between 5-9 September, 2016 to present their current research projects at a series of seminars and round table meetings at various think tanks and academic institutions.



And the Marginalisation goes on: Iraq and the Politics of Domination

When the Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi, came into power in 2014 he promised to end the politics of dominance that was largely responsible for the rise of Islamic State (IS). Yet, with the military defeat of IS in Iraq imminent, Sunnis are still being marginalised and until this ends, the foundations of IS will remain within the society.

Dylan O’Driscoll

The Future of Mosul: Before, During, and After the Liberation

This report analyses the non-military elements that must be addressed prior to launching the final offensive against IS in Mosul city. It focuses on humanitarian planning, issues of governance, and post-conflict security, reconstruction and reconciliation. The key concerns of the Sunni community in Nineveh and methods to address them are analysed.

Dylan O’Driscoll


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MERI Mentions

A selection of recent articles where MERI received international media coverage


An interview with the president of Middle East Research Institute.

Al Jazeera English

Barzani’s term is set to end this week, but a controversial government decision could extend it for another two years.

Voice of America

“Negative developments in the relations between the KRG and IOCs can lead to major disinvestment that can hit current oil production and future projects on gas exploitation, and erode confidence of potential foreign investors in other sectors”

Al Jazeera English

“Without addressing these issues and providing a detailed plan for post-conflict reconstruction and employment, I fear that [ISIL] will either return or another radical entity will take its place, continuing the cycle of ethnosectarian violence in Iraq”

Voice of America

A military coup, if successful, would have at best brought about new uncertainties, and at worse would have taken Turkey & KRI back to the old days.

Deutsche Welle

“The Iraqi leader wants to reshuffle his cabinet but he has a weak base of power… his greatest rivals are now his fellow party members and former fellow campaigners”