MERI is 1st in Iraq & Among the Top 7% in MENA

MERI is ranked as Iraq’s leading think tank for the 4th year running & No. 35 among 507 (Up by 22 places since last year)

MERI Ranked as Iraq’s Leading Think Tank for The 4th Year Running


The Latest

Telafar: Security Challenges & Barriers for IDP return

Telafar has one of the most diverse ethno-religious populations in Nineveh Province. It witnessed significant demographic changes after Islamic State occupation & subsequent liberation. Telafar leaders debated the future of the district and its people.


Ways forward for Nineveh

A brain-storming session with a visiting United States Institute of Peace (USIP) delegation, KRI political representatives and experts from civil society on the future of Nineveh and IDPs.

Anne van der Wolff


Breaking the Cycle of Shame in Iraq

With Iraq’s displacement crisis, violence against women and girls has reached new levels of cruelty. However, with transition into stabilisation, there is an historic opportunity to tackle barriers to women empowerment.

Henriette Johansen


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A series of exciting events are lined up for 2019. They include meetings, debates, workshops, seminars and conferences.