The Institute delivers on its objectives via the following:

  • Carrying out scholarly research on the political system, governance, economics, national security, international politics, health, environment, education and science & technology.
  • Preparing studies and offering expert consultation to governmental and non-governmental organizations in different fields.
  • Offering independent analysis of critical challenges and opportunities facing the region.
  • Providing policy-making consultations to government and non-government institutions, and making innovative and workable policy recommendations.
  • Engaging governments, public and private sector institutions and civil society in open and/or confidential debates on policy issues
  • Engaging academic experts, public and private sector leaders, policy-makers and decision-makers in debates, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Providing leadership training to governmental and non-governmental organisations
  • Disseminating data and relevant information on Kurdistan, Iraq and the wider region via printed, electronic, and audio-visual publication of research reports, journals, blogs, pamphlets, books, policy watch briefings and seminar proceedings.
  • Monitor regional and international news broadcast of events and developments that impact the region in general and on Iraq and Kurdistan in particular.