MERI Forum 2022

MERI Forum 2022

Iraq For All

1-2 November, 2022

This year’s MERI Forum coincides with major national and international developments that are likely to shape Iraq’s future. Amidst numerous political, security, economic and environmental crises that have plagued the globe, Iraq is one of the worst affected. Importantly, Iraq’s governing system has been in a total deadlock for the past several months, with hardly any vision or roadmap for a breakthrough emerging.

MERI Forum 2022 will bring together local, national and international policy-makers, academics, civil society leaders, journalists, diplomats and opinion-leaders to debate the urgent, high priority issues that are affecting both Iraq and the wider region; and offer solutions to stakeholders and decision-makers.

The ultimate objective of the MERI Forum is to promote peace, stability and prosperity in the wider Middle East through dialogue, reconciliation and rule-of-law. MERI believes that these cultural processes will be pivotal in determining the long-term stability of Iraq and the wider Middle East.

The success of the MERI Forum is largely due to it providing a neutral and independent setting for all stakeholders to share ideas and debate the issues affecting the Middle East today.