Live Stream

MERI Forum Livestream: This is a clean feed, with no translation added.  Languages are indicated on the day’s programme below, next to each speaker’s names (K, Kurdish; A, Arabic; E, English).  


Day 3:  27 October, 2016

09.00  Session 7: EU approach to conflict and crisis in the Middle East (E)

§  Morten Bøås, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway
§  Steven Blockmans, Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium
§  Tine Gade, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway
§  Athanasios Manis, Middle East Research Institute  (Chair)

10.30   Break
11.00: Session 8: Global Power dynamics in the Middle East: Conflict and Collaboration (E)

§  Kenneth Pollack, The Brookings Institute, USA
§  Clarisse Pasztory, Delegation of the European Union to Iraq
§  Max Hoffman, Center for American Progress, USA
§  Irene Costantini, Research Fellow, MERI (Chair)

12.30  Lunch
13.30  Session 9: Regional Power Dynamics: Conflict and Collaboration (E)

§  Cengiz Candar, Journalist and Writer, Turkey
§  Jamal Khashoggi, General Manager, Alarab TV, KSA
§  Walter Porsch, National Defence Academy, Austria
§  Tanya Gilly, Former Member of Iraqi Parliament (Chair)

15.00   Break
15.30: Session 10: Local Power Dynamics in Kurdistan: Visions for the Future (K)

§  Salahaddin Bahaddin, Leader of Islamic Union of Kurdistan
§  Ali Bapeer, Ameer of Islamic Group of Kurdistan
§  Mohammed Haji Mahmoud, Leader, Kurdistan Socialist Democratic Party

17.00: Session 11: Local Power Dynamics in Kurdistan: Visions for the Future (K)
§  Mala Bakhtiar, Politburo member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
§  Fazil Mirani, Politburo member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party
18.30  Concluding remarks.