MERI Launches Multilingual Website

We are delighted to announce that the Middle East Research Institute (MERI) website is now also available in Kurdish and Arabic. MERI strives to become a source of information for researchers, journalists and news networks and MERI members. We aim to provide analysis, information and our latest publications in multiple languages for the benefit of the press and the wider public.

MERI’s website contains information about its programs, projects, and forthcoming events. It is updated on a daily-basis with the latest political, economic, security and social developments from the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and the wider Middle East.MERI’s research staff are free to comment on their latest analysis and publications as well as any developments, according to their expertise.

We hope that the Arabic and Kurdish versions of the website will serve readers, researchers, journalists and news networks in becoming another step towards fulfilling the need for academic and scientific research.

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