Guest Info

Information for Registered Guests

We are delighted and honoured to host you at Iraq Forum 2023. Please spend a few minutes to read these useful information to help you make the most of the conference. 

Be on Time
Please attend each session on time. Sessions and their live streams will start as planned irrespective of the number of people in the hall. 

Free Seating
Seating inside the conference hall is free, except for a small number of front seats that are usually booked for speakers or certain dignitaries.

Guards and Assistants
Guards and assistants are expected to remain outside the conference hall. Only registered guests will be permitted to enter the hall. Please ask them to keep their movement in-and-out of the conference to minimum and protect silence during panel discussions.

Wifi & Silence
Please keep mobiles on silence, and do not engage in voice calls during sessions. Wireless Internet is available in all the hotels, and the conference venue, but the latter can be unreliable if overloaded. Please keep mobiles on silence, and do not engage in voice calls during sessions.

Please use our twitter hashtag:  #IraqForum

Sessions and panel discussions will be conducted in English and Arabic, with instant translation between the two.

During the Forum, speakers and up to 200 invited participants will be offered complementary lunch.  Lunch and/or dinner vouchers will be provided at the Registration Desk. For all others, a discount of 25% has been negotiated for Forum delegates at the Shanashil Restaurant at the hotel. There are several other restaurant options available inside and outside the Rotana hotel.

Dress Code
The dress code is formal business attire for all sessions and events.

The event is public and a number of media outlets will be allowed to interview participant or take video shots. They might invite willing individuals for interviews outside the hall. No interviews inside the hall is permitted.

Flights and Accommodation
Delegates are expected to make their own arrangements for their flights, accommodation and ground transportation.

For many nationalities, especially from the US and Europe, an entry visa can be acquired upon arrival at the Airports.  Alternatively, please apply for visas at the nearest Iraqi Consulate in your country. The Forum cannot take responsibility for visa arrangements.

Medical Assistance
There are public and private hospitals in Baghdad. No health insurance coverage is provided for participants (speakers and guests) by the organisers. They are expected to come with their own travel & medical insurance.

The average temperature in at this time of the year is around 30-39℃ during the day and 20-27℃ at the lowest.  The days are bright with minimal chance of rain.

Further Assistance
For any other query, please get in touch with us at events[@]