Middle East Economic Outlook

Project Description

Full Title: Middle East Economic Outlook
Project in Brief: MERI’s Economic Outlook provides updates and analysis on the latest economic developments in Iraq and the broader Middle East.
Term: 2014 - 2015
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A new scenario based on persistent low oil prices, in tandem with political transitions and amidst difficult social conditions, will dramatically challenge the progress in the economic agendas of most countries in the Middle East. This is especially crucial for economies such as Iraq, with a high dependency on oil resources and ill-prepared fiscal fundamentals. The biggest economic threat of the region is hence not a decrease in oil prices, but a stalemate in pushing for structural reforms in the economy. MERI aims to provide a regular evidence-based focus on the most pressing issues affecting the economic development of Iraq and the broader Middle East.

The Project

MERI aims to provide comprehensive and incisive monitoring of the economic developments in the Middle East through research publications and commentaries. The analysis provided covers a big range of economy-related topics, including post-conflict development, energy economics, fiscal policy, management of common natural resources and private sector development. This working topic also aims to be a window to provide regular updates to the public, journalists and representatives from business and administration of the dynamics, challenges and needed actions around Middle East’s economic development.

Publications and Events

Baghdad-Erbil agreement on oil and budget: deepening Iraq’s federalism?
Iraq’s federal budget: some insights

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