MERI Seminar: Prevention of Violence Against Women

“There is a big need to address sexual violence in conflict and support for the victims of ISIL perpetration is crucial.” said Idha Muema, Gender Advisor at Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (UNAMI) in Iraq in a seminar held by MERI on Prevention of Violence Against Women.

Ms Muema made clear distinction between sexual violence in conflict, a tactic of warfare used by the perpetrators to propagate fear, and gender violence. She also highlighted key Strategies for Preventing Sexual Violence in conflict-affected countries, and

Dr Nazand Begikhani, Senior Research Fellow, School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol was the co-panellist addressing the crowd gathered at MERI office in Erbil comprised of representatives of civil society organisations, women’s rights activists, officials from KRG’s High Council of Women Affairs and the Directorate of Combatting Violence Against Women.

Dr Baghkhani focused on Honour, Violence and Globalisation in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, which were the topic of her field research and recently published book. She believes relative independence from the political parties and engagement with the liberal world are among the forefront impacts of globalisation. However, globalisation has also led to the emergence of counter actions such as cyber violence, underpayment, lack of protection mechanisms in work places and the collision between tradition and modernity, she added.

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