The Implosion of Order in the Middle East

MERI is pleased to host a roundtable debate for two renowned Middle East experts and Senior Fellows from Hudson Institute (Mr Eric Brown and Mr Sam Tadros) on Monday 13, June 2016, at 10:00. (Bio information below).

The debate will be stimulated by Mr Brown’s paper on “The Crisis and Implosion of Order in the Middle East” and Mr Tadros intervention on the “Arab Politics and ethnoreligious minorities in the Middle East”.   The debate will also address: Kurdistan’s future; reconstituting order in Syria; and what outsiders, especially the U.S. and its allies, can do to help Kurdistan develop its governing institutions over time.

This event is by invitation only, with 30 seats available, allocated on first come-first serve basis.

RSVP by email to:

 Please note: The event will be held in English and translation will not be available.

Eric Brown is a Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute, where, since 2004, he has conducted research on Middle East and Asian affairs, on security and development issues, alternative geopolitical futures, and U.S. foreign policy. He is also the editor, with Dr. Hillel Fradkin and Ambassador Husain Haqqani, of Current Trends in Islamist Ideology, (www., and has written for many other publications, including The American Interest, The China Heritage Quarterly, The Wall Street Journal-Asia, and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. Since 2006, he has conducted research across Eurasia with a particular focus on the relations between governance, development and security. He is currently studying the breakdown of political order in the Middle East and how the U.S. can bolster its regional allies and partners to cope with this.

Samuel Tadros is a Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute, the Fouad Ajami Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution and a Professorial Lecturer at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. Mr. Tadros is the author of Motherland Lost: The Egyptian and Coptic Quest for Modernity, which received the Washington Institute’s Bronze Medal for the best book written on the Middle East in 2013, and Reflections on the Revolution in Egypt. He has also published two major studies on Egyptian Islamism; Mapping Egyptian Islamism and Islamist vs. Islamist: The Theologico-Political Questions with his articles appearing in the Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy, The Weekly Standard, The American Interest,Current Trends in Islamist Ideology, and West Point’s CTC Sentinel. Prior to joining Hudson in 2011, Mr. Tadros worked as the Africa Director for DMS an energy research company and was a Senior Partner at the Egyptian Union of Liberal Youth. Born and raised in Egypt, he received an M.A. in Democracy and Governance from Georgetown University and a B.A. in Political Science from the American University in Cairo.

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