Speaker Instructions


Style: Debates not speeches.

  • Each panel will start with a very brief (5 minute) introduction by the moderator. The moderator will then pose an opening question to each panellist, in turns and in the order of the programme.
  • Each panellist will respond by giving a 5-7 minute overview with a couple of key messages to communicate. Please do not try to squeeze all your messages in the first opportunity. There will be at least two more protected opportunities to communicate other points.
  • After the first round, the moderator will come back to the first speaker, ask a new set of questions, giving them another 5 minutes to respond.
  • After the second round, the moderator will turn to the audience for questions, taking 3-4 questions at a time, before asking speakers to respond. Ideally, the moderator should leave enough time for two rounds of Q&A.
  • The Moderator will then turn to the speakers to make final comments, 2 minutes each.

Find the Moderator:

Please make sure you and the moderator identify each other and spend a few minutes on agreeing some details.

Standing/sitting: In the first overview round, you should feel free to speak or read at the podium, but please do not exceed the 7 minutes. Thereafter, all interventions will be in discussion style.

Please adhere to the time allowed and cooperate with the moderator.

The moderators  are expected to keep the debate constructive and not allow dilution or drifting to side issues.