The Hashd al-Shaabi and Iraq: Subnationalism and the State

March 6th, 2017 by Dylan O’Driscoll

The report assesses the role of the Popular Mobilisation Forces in the provision of security in Iraq, arguing that dealing with the multiple competing subnationalisms within it must be addressed after defeating ISIS.

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This paper argues that the future political stability of Nineveh depends on a two-level normalisation.

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This Policy Paper discusses some of the Trump administration’s most likely foreign policy advisers and their positions on Kurdish self-governance.

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Calls for a separate Nineveh Plain province could end up harming minorities and threaten stability. Instead, a Nineveh Federal Region could prove a better solution for post-IS governance in Nineveh.

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This initiative is aimed at raising awareness of the norms and principles of IHL at all levels of Peshmerga forces; developing comprehensive mechanisms and policy recommendations that support compliance with IHL; and demonstrating the Peshmerga’s commitment to protecting fundamental human rights during times of war.

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Is Turkey’s failure in the ME because of the changing dynamics following the Arab Spring transcending the country’s foreign policy capacity, or is it because of the under-performance of its foreign policy?

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