MERI Forum 2018: Full Report

Download the Full Report in PDF

The 2018 annual MERI Forum brought together policy- and decision-makers, academics and opinion-leaders to share visions and solutions for a range of core issues and challenges that are facing the Middle East today, particularly in Iraq and Kurdistan. These include the ever-changing regional power dynamics, the perpetual security and political crises and pathways for the reformation of the governing system.

The conference themes and panels included:

  • Overall framework and background (MERI’s opening)
  • Reforming the governing system: Decentralisation and institutionalisation in Iraq (Panel 1).
  • State-Building and Nation-Building in Iraq (Panel 2).
  • Kurdistan in the New Middle East (Panel 3).
  • EU in the Middle East: Responsive state-building to prevent violent extremism (Panel 4).
  • Legitimate Stability in Iraq, and the role of the international community (Panel 5).
  • Regional and Global Power dynamics in the Middle East: Conflict and Collaboration (Panel 6 and Panel 7).

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