MERI provides expert analysis on major issues related to the Middle East through independent and rigorous research. A number of diverse projects have been initiated under MERI’s research programs. The projects are managed by dedicated fellows and currently include:

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IPNS Program:

Emergency Security Briefings

MERI’s Emergency Security Briefings provide updates on the current security and political crisis in Iraq.

Relevant publications:

Emergency Briefing on current Security Developments
MERI Emergency Security Briefing

IPNS Program:

Kirkuk Policy Research

The Kirkuk Policy Research examines the current political and security dynamics with the purpose to make policy recommendations to stakeholders.

Relevant publications:

The Kirkuk Policy Debate

D&G Program:

Preventing Violence Against Women (PVAW)

The project examines the current system for the prevention of violence against women aiming to propose changes in the legislation and ultimately introduce a reform programme for good governance.

Relevant publications:

“Violence against women is not inevitable”

EEE Program:

Impact of Displaced People on Kurdistan Region

This project evaluates the economic, social and security impacts of the arrival of Syrian refugees and Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in the Kurdistan Region, with the aim to suggest mitigation policies that could be implemented by the authorities.

Relevant publications: