Ministry of Peshmerga has shown big commitment to comply with International Humanitarian Law, Geneva Call Program Director

Ann-Kristin Sjöberg, Program Director of the KRI for Geneva Call, discussed the progress made by the collaboration of Geneva Call, the Ministry of Peshmerga, and MERI towards implementing IHL and greater protection of civilians in the KRI. The workshop series has seen dedication to these goals by the MoP through the participation of high-level commanders, political leaders, and the Secretary General of the MoP; the progression of discussions to recommendations; and the implementation of a field investigative committee. She detailed Geneva Call’s specific objectives for the workships in the future such as formalizing the cooperative effort through a memorandum of understanding, to provide training courses, and to identify gaps where their support could be offered. Sjöberg also discussed Geneva Call and it’s historical relationship with parties and the KRG since 2001.

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