The US should help create an Iraqi state at peace with all of its components. The KDP and PUK need to de-escalate and allow the KRI to speak with one voice in Baghdad & with international partners.

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This brief examines the socio-political & socio-economic circumstances of the Iraqi Roma & urge the Federal & KR Governments to prioritise addressing the marginalization of the Roma.

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In this policy report an enhanced model is proposed that builds on existing culture and understanding of decentralisation, and is designed to provide solutions for the numerous challenges Iraq currently faces

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Through an analysis of the current initiatives in Ninewa, this report highlights critical challenges relating to stabilization and the return of internally displaced persons.

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Designed to inform & enhance stakeholder policies, this meta-analysis of the vast literature on the barriers to IDP return covers important analytical and contextual gaps.

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it is time for Iraqi leaders to expedite forming a new government, otherwise Covid-19 pandemic & the drop in oil prices might drive it to the brink.

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Stabilization & IDP Return in Nineveh

January 9th, 2020 by MERI

The Government of Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government, and International NGOs must engage in a concerted effort to prioritize investment in IDP return.

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Peace and Stability in Iraq

February 6th, 2020 by MERI

Prospects for peace and stability in Iraq are being threatened by civil unrest and escalating tensions between the US and Iran. This roundtable report summarizes current dynamics and their policy implications for national and international stakeholders.

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MERI is among the top 7% think tanks in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries.  It went up to No. 34 among 507 institutions.

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This policy brief examines current gender deficits throughout Iraq’s reconciliation process and offers relevant recommendations.

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