This programme remains provisional, subject to changes.

Day 1:  Tuesday, 25 October, 2016

12.00 Registration
13.45 Introduction & Welcome
14.00 Session 1:  The Economic Crisis; Lessons learnt?

§  Mahdi Hafiz, Member of Parliament, Former Minister of Planning
§  Muzhir Mohammed Salih, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq
§  Ashti Hawrami, Minister of Natural Resources, KRG
§  Patrick Simonnet, Ambassador/Head, EU Delegation to Iraq (Chair)
15.45 Coffee Break

16.15 Session 2:  The Kurdish opposition parties in Iran: aspirations amid fragmentation

§  Ibrahim Alizada, Iranian Communist Party (Komal)
§  Khalid Azizi, Kurdistan Democratic Party (Iran)
§  Mustafa Hijri, Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan
§  Omar Ilkhanizadeh Iranian Komala Party of Kurdistan
§  Abdulla Muhtadi, Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan

18.15  End of Day 1; See you on Wednesday at 09:00.


Day 2:  Wednesday, 26 October, 2016

08.00 Registration & Welcome
09.00 Session 3: Reconciliation after IS: improving relationships and reconnecting communities

§  Lise Grande, UN’s Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General
§  Falah Mustafa, Minister, Head of Department of Foreign Affairs, KRG
§  Osama Al-Gharizi, United States Institute for Peace, USA
§  Mohammed Salman, National Reconciliation in Prime Minister’s Office
§  Otmar Oehring, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Germany (Chair)
*Paper presentation:
-Dave van Zoonen, Research Fellow, MERI
-Haider Ibrahimi, Executive Director of Sanad for Peacebuilding

10.45  Break
11.15   Session 4: Liberating Mosul: Political and Security Solutions

§  Rafe Al-Esawi, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Iraq
§  Nawfal Hamadi, Governor of Mosul
§  Atheel Al-Nujaifi, Former Governor of Mosul
§  Kenneth Gross, US Consul General in Erbil.
§  Michael Knights, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, USA
§  Dylan O’Driscoll, Middle East Research Institute (Chair)

13.00  Lunch
14.00  Session 5: Governing Iraq

§  Salim Al-Jobouri, Speaker of Iraqi Parliament
§  Ammar Al-Hakim, Head of Islamic Supreme Council, Iraq
§  Barham Salih, Former Prime Minister of KRG

15.45  Break

16.15  Session 6: Visions for the future of the Kurdistan Region: A debate with the Prime Minister.

§  Nechirvan Barzani, Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region.

17:30  End of Day Two

Day 3:  27 October, 2016

08.00  Registration & Welcome
09.00  Session 7: A conflict sensitive EU approach to conflict and crisis in the Middle East.

§  Morten Bøås, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway
§  Steven Blockmans, Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium
§  Tine Gade, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway
§  Athanasios Manis, Middle East Research Institute  (Chair)

10.30   Break
11.00: Session 8: Global Power dynamics in the Middle East: Conflict and Collaboration

§  Kenneth Pollack, The Brookings Institute, USA
§  Clarisse Pasztory, Delegation of the European Union to Iraq
§  Max Hoffman, Center for American Progress, USA
§  Irene Costantini, Research Fellow, MERI (Chair)

12.30  Lunch
13.30  Session 9: Regional Power Dynamics: Conflict and Collaboration

§  Cengiz Candar, Journalist and Writer, Turkey
§  Jamal Khashoggi, General Manager, Alarab TV, KSA
§  Walter Posch, National Defence Academy, Austria
§  Tanya Gilly, Former Member of Iraqi Parliament (Chair)

15.00   Break
15.30: Session 10: Local Power Dynamics in Kurdistan: Visions for the Future

§  Salahaddin Bahaddin, Leader of Islamic Union of Kurdistan
§  Ali Bapeer, Ameer of Islamic Group of Kurdistan
§  Mohammed Haji Mahmoud, Leader, Kurdistan Socialist Democratic Party

17.00: Session 10: Local Power Dynamics in Kurdistan: Visions for the Future

§  Mala Bakhtiar, Politburo member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
§  Fazil Mirani, Politburo member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party

18.15  Concluding remarks.

18.30 End of Forum

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