The list of speakers continues to evolve with more people added upon confirmation.
Speakers are confirmed, unless stated otherwise (TBC)

Kurdistan Region 

  • Nechirvan Barzani, Prime Minister
  • Qubad Talabani – Deputy Prime Minister
  • Abdulsattar Majid, Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Nawroz Mawlood, Minister of Minucipality and Tourism
  • Sherko Jawdat, Chairmain of Parliamentary Committe for Oil & Gas
  • James Parks, Senior Economist, Advisor to KRG
  • Bilal Wahab, American University of Iraq – Sulaimaniyah
  • Hawre Mansurbeg, Soran University
  • Naji Ezzulddin Mohammed, Chairman of Kurdistan Contractors Union, Sulaimaniyah
  • Rizgar Qadir, Businessman in Tourism Industry, Erbil
  • Hogir Shali, Deputy Minister for Electricity
  • Taha Zangana, Deputy Minister for Natural Resources, KRG (TBC)


  • Ali Allaq, Governor of Iraqi Central Bank
  • Ahmed Haji Rasheed, Chair, Parliamentary Committee for integrity
  • Fawzi Hariri, Former Minister of Industry
  • Fazil Nabi, Deputy Finance Minister
  • Wadee Al-Hanthal, Chairman of  Iraqi Private Banks League
  • Raheem Al-Iqeeli, Former Chairman of Integrity Board.


  • Cevdet Yilmaz, Minister of Development, Turkey
  • Ali Qaradaghi Secretary-General of the International Union for Muslim Scholars
  • Matthias Mitman, US Consul General, Erbil
  • Angus McKee, UK Consul General to Kurdistan Region & Northern Iraq
  • Mario Al-Jebouri, Director, Banque Cantonale de Genève
  • Fazlullah Myrzavnd, Advisor to the President on Technology & Development, Iran
  • Ghada Zughayar,  MENA, Transparency International
  • Frank Gunter,  Lehigh University, US
  • John Nash, Lead Economist, Sustainable Development, The World Bank