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Rebecca Irvine was a Research Intern at the Middle East Research Institute (MERI) between 10 September to 15 October, 2017.  She studied History for BA at the University of Sheffield, before obtaining a Master’s degree with distinction in Global Justice at the same University.  Her thesis was entitled: Personal Status Law and Women's Rights: A Comparative Analysis of Morocco and Egypt. After graduation, Rebecca moved to Jordan for two years where she worked for the Sijal Institute and Venture Magazine. She started her second Master’s degree at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University, where she also works on the editorial board for the centre’s interdisciplinary journal, Nidaba. Rebecca’s research interests include the politics of social movements, interactions between the state and civil society, and twentieth century Kurdish and Iraqi history. While in Erbil she is also working on her master’s thesis, which will explore local resistance during the formation of mandatory Iraq.

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