Kamaran Palani

Kamaran Palani is a Research Fellow at the Middle East Research Institute. He defended his PhD thesis on Fluidity and Dynamics of De Facto Statehood: The Case of Iraqi Kurdistan (Leiden University, The Netherlands, 2021). Prior to his PhD, Kamaran acquired extensive experience by working with various local and international NGOs, academic and research centres, including Salahaddin University-Erbil, Al Mesalla, Peace and Freedom Organisation, Spark, UNAMI, UNDP, PAX, and Iraq Studies in Beirut. Kamaran’s research interests include the study of de facto statehood in the international system, Iraqi politics, regional Kurdish politics, internal displacement, and violent extremism in Iraq and the Middle East. Palani has published his work in international peer-reviewed journals, such as: Third World Quarterly, Ethnopolitics, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies and International Migration.

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