Kurdistan has a good reputation of governance and being fair to foreign investors: Mr. Yukio Okamoto

Mr. Yukio Okamoto, economic policy expert and former senior advisor to the Japanese government, pointed out the key elements for a sound reconstruction process of conflict-affected areas, such as Iraq, the need to effectively prioritise the areas in need.  He added that reconstruction is not only about resource and budget allocation but more about building community consensus around it. He praised the Kurdistan Region for being fair to foreign investors, but reminded that safety and security conditions are necessary to guarantee the profitability of the corporations operating here. It is up to the officials to convince them to come here to invest. Regarding whether peace or reconciliation should come first for the reconstruction process to begin, Mr Okamoto noted that the two are hand in hand. However, peace and stability must come first because investors will be concerned with welfare and safety of their personnel. He concluded that the process of reconciliation and unity will bolster the security and safety and will eventually contribute to the reconstruction process.

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