Preventing Violence Against Women (PVAW)

October 2nd, 2014 by Armin Seif

The project examines the current system for the prevention of violence against women aiming to propose changes in the legislation and ultimately introduce a reform programme for good governance.

Sectarianisation of Iraq’s governance has already become a powerful driver of conflict. Left unaddressed, it can become irreversible. Here, ambassadorial appointments are used to underline the issues and offer ways forward.

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This policy book addresses the structural & functional weaknesses in th KRI’s governance system, and makes practical recommendations for its reform.

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Iraq and Libya are facing similar challenges: a post-IS recovery; a fiscal crisis and striking a power balance between central and local authorities.

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This first MERI Economic Forum explored the challenges and policy options available to mitigate the current economic crisis in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The title, “Time for a Radical Rethink,” was reflected in the debates that resulted in actionable recommendations for the government and private sector.

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This initiative is aimed at raising awareness of the norms and principles of IHL at all levels of Peshmerga forces; developing comprehensive mechanisms and policy recommendations that support compliance with IHL; and demonstrating the Peshmerga’s commitment to protecting fundamental human rights during times of war.

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In convening such high-level panels and making room for the participation of diplomats, government officials, civil society representatives, and media, the MERI Forum 2015 fostered greater debate and, more importantly, action on these issues.

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A social contract which enables the KRG to escape accountability in return for providing a salary and services is fundamentally at odds with Kurdistan’s democratic aspirations.

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By 2020, the Kurdistan Region in Iraq will provide a leading example for the practice of good governance for the rest of the Middle East

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Iraq as we knew it, is no longer

July 3rd, 2014 by MERI

The significance and impact of the surprise occupation of much of the Sunni triangle of Iraq by the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) are far greater than what meets the eye.

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