The Launch of MERI’s Kirkuk Policy Report

The political resolution of Kirkuk and the disputed territories remains as one of the most difficult issues yet to be fully addressed by the Governments of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. Multiple issues regarding the final status of Kirkuk need to be addressed before breakthroughs can be achieved. For any political solution to be successful, political will is needed and compromises and concessions will have to be made by all parties, primarily local actors in Kirkuk.

MERI’s Kirkuk Policy Report “The Future of Kirkuk: A Roadmap for Resolving the Status of the Province” outlines clear recommendations for all relevant actors with the aim of bringing the issue of their province to the fore and fostering a constructive debate on Kirkuk’s future. These can only be achieved through greater levels of communication, the lobbying of relevant parties and the adoption of confidence building measures. All of this must be undertaken with the aim of bringing a peaceful resolution to the issue of Kirkuk.

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