Roundtable on “The Future of Mosul: Before, During, and After the Liberation”


Presentations from

Dr Dylan O’Driscoll (MERI Research Fellow)
Mr Atheel Al-Nujaifi (former Governmer of Mosul)
Jabar Yawar (Sec. Gen. of Ministry of Peshmarga)

The speakers provide information and analysis on the future of Mosul.  The event follows the publication of a MERI Policy report by Dr O’Driscoll in which he analyses the non-military elements that must be addressed prior to launching the final offensive against IS in Mosul city. The focus is on humanitarian planning, issues of governance, and post-conflict security, reconstruction and reconciliation. The study also examines the key concerns of the Sunni community in Nineveh and analyses methods to address them within the wider political and constitutional dynamics of Iraq.

Location: MERI Office Erbil

Time and Date: 16:00 – 18:00, 28 September, 2016


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