MERI Forum 2014 Programme Overview


  4th November (Day 1 – 16.00 – 19.00)


14.00-16.00:  Guests arrive and register in the afternoon

16.00-16.10  Welcome to delegates

16.10-16.30 Forum opening: Professor Dlawer Ala’Aldeen, President of MERI

16.30-18.00:  Session 1:  The Future of Disputed Territories

  • Chair: Ann Hagood, Research Fellow at the Middle East Research Institute
  • Gareth Stansfield – University of Exeter
  • Marwan Ali, Director of Political Affairs, United Nation’s Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI )
  • Mohammed Ihsan, Visiting Research Fellow, Kings College, Former KRG Minister for disputed territories
  • Hassan Toran, Member of Parliament and Head of Turkuman Front Coalition

18.30-20.00:  Reception

5th November (Day 2 – 09.00 – 18.00)


08.00-09.00:    Registration and coffee

09.00-09.20:    Introduction

09.20-11.00:   Session 2: The War on ISIS.

  • Chair: Sam Morris, Research Fellow at MERI
  • Anwar Muslim, President of Kobani Canton, Syria
  • Galip Dalay, Research Fellow, SETA, Turkey
  • Max Hoffman, Researcher, Center for American Progress, USA

11.00-11.30:    Coffee break

11.30-13.00:    Session 3: Turkey in the Neighborhood

  • Chair: Athanasios Manis, Research Fellow at MERI
  • Michael Werz, Senior Researcher, Center for American Progress, USA
  • Cengiz candar, Journalist, Turkey
  • Saban Karadas, President of ORSAM, Turkey

13.00-14.00:    LUNCH

14.00-16.00:   Session 4: The New Middle East Order: Threats and Opportunities

  • Chair: Dlawer Ala’Aldeen, President, MERI
  • Nechirvan Barzani – Prime Minister, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Barham Saleh – Former Prime Minister, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Gültan Kışanak, Co-Mayor of Diyarbakir, Turkey

16.00-16.30:    Coffee break

16.30-18.00:   Session 5: Iran and the US: The Impact of a Changing Relationship

  • Chair: Jane Arraf, Journalist, Christian Science Monitor
  • David Pollack, Washington Institute, USA
  • Murtaza Abadi, Consul General of Iran in Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Hiwa Osman, Media Specialist, Former Medial Adviser to Iraqi President

6th November (Day 3 – 09.00 – 18.00)


08.00-09.30    Registration and coffee

09.30-10.00:    Introduction


10.00-12.00    Session 6: Sunni Re-engagement: Chances of Success

  • Chair: Tanya Talat Gilli, Former MP in Iraqi Parliament, Civil activist
  • Osama Nujayfi, Vice President of Iraq and former Speaker of Parliament
  • Ayad Al-Samarrayi, Former Speaker of Iraqi Parliament
  • Homam Hamoodi, First Deputy Speaker of Iraqi Parliament
  • Ali Bapeer, Leader of the Kurdistan Islamic Group

 12.00-13.30    LUNCH

13.30-15.00     Session 7: Dialogue and Reconciliation: The Start of Nation Building in Iraq

  • Fouad Massoum – President of Iraq
  • Salim Al Jabouri – Speaker of Parliament, Iraq
  • Ammar Al-Hakim – Head, Islamic Supreme Council of Ira

15.00-15.30 Coffee break

15.30-17.00    Session 8: The Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Political Dependence or Economic Independence?

  • Chair: Rasheed Khayoon, Journalist
  • Bayan Jabir Al-Zubaidi – Minister
  • Qubad Talabani, Deputy Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government.
  • Ashty Hawrami, Minister of Natural Resources, Kurdistan Regional Government.

17.00-17.30     Closing Statement


This overview is subject to change