Escalation vs Complication: The ME in The Final Weeks of Trump

MERI is pleased to host a panel of international academic experts to debate:

Escalation vs Complication:
The Middle East in The Final Six Weeks of President Trump.

Events of the past few weeks, since the last US election, have lead many to speculate about possible changes in the Trump Administration’s policy in the Middle East. The security dynamics may get complicated, making it more difficult for President Elect Joe Biden to pick up the pieces.


  • Abdulaziz Sager, Founder & Chairman, Gulf Research Center, KSA.
  • Kim Dozier, A TIME Magazine contributor and CNN Global Affairs Analyst, USA
  • David Pollock, Bernstein Fellow, The Washington Institute, USA.
  • Adnan Tabatabai, CEO of the Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient, Germany.

Date: Monday, 7th December 2020
Time: 17:00 – 18:30 Erbil Time

This event is by invitation only, with 100 seats available, allocated on a first come – first serve basis.
Please RSVP by emailing your name, affiliation and contact details to: A Zoom link will be emailed to participants upon registration.

The seminar will be held in English.

Sponsored by Konrad Adenaur Stiftung

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