Srush H. A. Khoshnaw

Srush Khoshnaw is an academic researcher with a Master's degree in Political Science from Freie University of Berlin. Serving as a bridge between academia and real-world socio-political dynamics, Srush possesses a robust background in the socio-political landscape and political system of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. He has five years’ experience coordinating and assisting various projects and programs across Iraq for various international clients, including the USAID, German Federal Foreign Office, GIZ and INGOs. His expertise extends to the nuanced intricacies of the region, showcasing a keen understanding of the socio-political dynamics that shape its landscape, challenges and conflicts in the Middle East region. As a researcher, Srush Khoshnaw shows a strong commitment to exploring and analyzing critical issues, contributing valuable insights to the broader discourse on Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

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