How the Kurdish opposition parties missed a historical opportunity to challenge KDP and PUK?

By failing to reach an agreement to form an electoral alliance, the Kurdistan Region’s opposition parties missed a golden opportunity to shake up the duopoly of the KDP and PUK’s power.

State-building: A Roadmap for the Rule of Law and Institutionalisation in the Kurdistan Region

This policy book addresses the structural & functional weaknesses in th KRI’s governance system, and makes practical recommendations for its reform.

The Kurdish ‘Bloc’ in Iraq: Post-Election Challenges and Opportunities

In the run-up to this month’s parliamentary elections (12 May), the Kurdish parties are running individually, but in the Iraqi-controlled disputed territories they act differently.

Turkey-EU Relations: Conflicting Policies & Opportunities for Cooperation

“dissent between Brussels and Ankara is highly likely given the Turkish Armed Forces’ broad kinetic engagement in both Iraq and Syria”

EU and Turkish Energy Interests in the Caspian and Middle East Regions

We found that multiple energy drivers strategically incentivize the EU and Turkey to cooperate and converge on overall political and economic policies and priorities.

Confessionalism and Electoral Prospects in Iraq

” given the unpopularity of Iraq’s political class, no single alliance is expected to win a majority of parliamentary seats, forcing the formation of a grand-coalition government”

Post-Crises Prospects for Reconciliation in Iraq: A Kurdish-Shi’ite Debate in Najaf 

“We can’t call Iraq a federal state when there is only one federal region”. Baghdad needs to develope a national reconciliation strategy among the country’s various ethno-religious & social groups, through dialogue and trust-building. 

Displacement-Emigration-Return: Understanding Uncertainty in Iraq

The findings stress the destabilizing and traumatic effects of displacement and the urgency of addressing them