Resilience-building for Syrian refugee camps and the neighbouring host community

This project evaluates the feasibility of transforming the refugee camps and neighbouring towns into resilient communities. In essence, this involves building interventions to address the gaps between the current livelihoods situation and the targeted resilience indicators.

Relevant publications:
Advancing the concept of resilient livelihoods for Syrian refugees
Learning lessons for a resilience-based development response to the Syrian refugee crisis
With decreasing humanitarian aid, more development must come for refugees and hosts in Kurdistan

Promoting an effective and inclusive humanitarian emergency response by the KRG

This project evaluates the gaps in KRG’s response to the latest humanitarian crisis and formulates policy recommendations aimed to make the response more effective and inclusive in face of future displacement episodes.

Relevant publications:
As Displaced Families Return to Nineveh, How to Address Social Cohesion?

Middle East Economic Outlook

MERI’s Economic Outlook provides updates and analysis on the latest economic developments in Iraq and the broader Middle East.

Relevant publications:
Baghdad-Erbil agreement on oil and budget: deepening Iraq’s federalism?
Iraq’s federal budget: some insights