Violent Extremism in Mosul & the Kurdistan Region: Context, Drivers, and Public Perception

This field study underlines that building resilience against VE is a long-term process, requires building intra- & inter-community trust, & trust between people & the authorities.

Global Support for Stability and State-building in Iraq

The policies and commitments of the US, Europeans & international coalition to stability in Iraq are debated.

Iraq and Kurdistan Region in a Complex Neighbourhood

Key issues & challenges facing Iraq and the KRI were discussed with President Nechirvan Barzani, including the recent elections & the KRI’s international relations.

Regional Actors in Iraq’s Neighbourhood: Visions for Stabilisation

Iran and Turkey are important regional actors in the ME. Their strategies in Iraq and the region are discussed.

Global Actors in Iraq’s Neighbourhood: Policies and Long-term Strategies

Debating policies & long-term strategies of the US, Russia and France in Iraq’s neighbourhood.

The KRG looking forward: Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities.

A policy debate with the KRG Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, covering: the KRG government reform, freedom of expression, security & budgetary issues.

State-Building in Iraq

This policy report Identifies key weaknesses in the governing system, highlights the political barriers for progress; and offers policy recommendations to stakeholders.

Decentralisation in Iraq: Process, Progress & a New Tailor-Made Model

In this policy report an enhanced model is proposed that builds on existing culture and understanding of decentralisation, and is designed to provide solutions for the numerous challenges Iraq currently faces