Iraq’s Immediate Policy Priorities and the Challenges ahead

The Iraq Forum was held 6m after the inauguration of PM Al-Sudani’s government, which faces high expectations and pressures to address Iraq’s multi-layered challenges. In this policy debate, Al-Sudani sheds light on the overall strategies followed by his Administration.

Erbil-Baghdad relations: Twenty years since the regime change

Since 2003, outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil have gone through various phases & taken different forms, with critical milestones characterising and shaping an uneasy relationship.

Twenty years of Iraq-US engagement: Where do we go now?

The US led ‘coalition of the willing’ invaded Iraq in 2003, ending the most oppressive regime. The two countries started a tumultuous mutual engagement, which is likely to become more amicable, predictable and mutually rewarding in the future.

Reforming Iraq’s Financial System: The Role of the Government and the Private Sector

A panel of experts debated the role of both the government and private sector in the reform of the Iraqi financial sector. Report & Video

Crystal-Gazing the Middle East: Power Dynamics & Power Alignments

Experts looking into the future of global and regional power dynamics and how they might impact Iraq.

Iraq’s Multi-Layered Crises: The International Partners’ Priorities and Perspectives

Report on the perspectives and priorities of Iraq’s international partners in the country. With the US, EU and Italian Ambassadors.

Regional Actors in Iraq’s Neighbourhood: Time to Desecuritise Relations

The roles of regional and international actors, particularly Russia and Iran, in Iraq’s neighborhoods and their engagement with both Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

The KRG Looking Forward: Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities

This dialogue with PM Masrour Barzani focused on the KRG’s strategy on a number of complex issues, including engagement with Baghdad, institutional reform and governance.