The Hashd Al-Shaabi: From heroes to … what exactly?

Iraq’s various security forces were united in defeating IS. With their common enemy defeated, unity seems to have vanished rapidly. Implications & Recommendations are presented in this policy brief.

Reconstructing Iraq: Where Do We Stand?

Iraq reconstruction costs $88B. Donors pledged $30B, but little has so far materialised, because the Iraqi government has failed to address its structural and functional weaknesses. The onus is on the Iraqi leaders.

EU-Turkey Policies in Iraq & Syria: Challenges & Opportunities

Turkey and EU have adopted multifaceted foreign policies in the Middle East. They converge only on specific issues but their mutual cooperation has not been easy.

Country to Watch in 2019: Iraq

After 4 years of political & security turbulence, Iraq has now turned a new page with plenty of cautious optimism for 2019. Evolution of events & predictions for the new year.

How the Kurdish opposition parties missed a historical opportunity to challenge KDP and PUK?

By failing to reach an agreement to form an electoral alliance, the Kurdistan Region’s opposition parties missed a golden opportunity to shake up the duopoly of the KDP and PUK’s power.

The Kurdish ‘Bloc’ in Iraq: Post-Election Challenges and Opportunities

In the run-up to this month’s parliamentary elections (12 May), the Kurdish parties are running individually, but in the Iraqi-controlled disputed territories they act differently.

Post-Crises Prospects for Reconciliation in Iraq: A Kurdish-Shi’ite Debate in Najaf 

“We can’t call Iraq a federal state when there is only one federal region”. Baghdad needs to develope a national reconciliation strategy among the country’s various ethno-religious & social groups, through dialogue and trust-building. 

Anti-Corruption Efforts in Iraq

Given the institutionalized nature of corruption in Iraq, fighting it will prove substantially difficult, and would require a national program that upsets major aspects of Iraqi politics.