The Sadrists’ Gamble: A Milestone Even if It Fails

The Sadrists have gone ‘all-in’, challenging the system & exposing its weaknesses. Unlikely to win outright but they have pushed Iraq to a new phase in its transition.

The EU-Iraq security partnership: A Policy Debate with MEPs

A policy debate with members of European Parliament Subcommittee on Security and Defence on EU-Iraq partnership: Peshmerga reform, the ISIS war and EU’s role in stabilisation

The US strategies in Iraq: A policy debate with Amb. Matthew Tueller

The US has a long and enduring strategic interest with Iraq and will partner with the Iraqis who want to establish a stable and strong democratic country”, said Amb. Tueller.

KDP and PUK in Sadir’s Chess Game

Al-Sadir is playing to win, whatever the cost. The Sunnis won the first round. The Kurds have lost sight of the bigger picture & focused on internal rivalry. It is not too late to find a win-win outcome.

Preventing Violent Extremism in the Balkans and the MENA

Strengthening societal resilience is considered vital for the prevention of violent extremism. MERI is a member of 15 international research centres (lead by NUPI) to address this issues.

Iraq’s National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism

Four years after the military defeat of ISIS, pre-existing conditions associated with the risk of violent extremism continue unabated in Iraq.

The US policy in Iraq

A summary report of a policy debate held at MERI, attended by a selection of policy makers, politicians and academics. Policy recommendations are presented to stakeholders.

The Status of Erbil-Baghdad Relations

In Iraq, politics is personal, and the politics of Baghdad-Erbil relations is no exception. Improvements and deteriorations in this relationship have largely been dictated by interpersonal dynamics, such as the rapport and mutual confidence between leaders.