International Partnership: Perceptions, Aspirations and Barriers

Ambassadors, journalists, & foreign policy experts took a critical & nuanced look at Iraq’s international partnerships & barriers to more even-handed relations.

The US Strategies in Iraq and the Wider Region

The US strategies in the Middle East has evolved significantly. In this policy debate with US Assistant Secretary of State Barbara Leaf clarifies the US strategy in Iraq and the neighbouring countries. 

Six months into Government: Challenges and Progress

Academic experts and PM advisors discussed the progress made by the Al-Sudani administration, over the past 6m, and how the government will face future challenges and people’s expectations.

Tackling Corruption and Reforming the Financial System

The Iraqi financial system does not meet the challenges, while corruption has become deeply entrenched. The “Heist of the Century” revealed structural weaknesses within Iraq’s financial system. How can this system be reformed and corruption controlled?

Investment & Diversification: Transforming Iraq’s Economy

Iraq requires an achievable and practical long-term economic vision and strategy. New Governments’ policies debated with Minister of Planning (Deputy PM) & a PM Advisor.

Iraq’s Water & Environment: Time to Act and Avert a Catastrophe

Water stress is a severe issue across vast parts of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, challenging cross-border water governance and cooperation among Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. What are the government policies?

Iraq’s Energy Sector: Key Challenges & Future Strategies

Iraq has not fully utilised its oil & gas reserves, has no hydrocarbon law & faces power challenges. Federal & KRG Deputy Prime Ministers & Iraq’s Deputy Electricity Minister debate the ways forward.

State-building in the Eyes of Iraq’s Political Leaders: Qais Al-Khaz’ali

Leader of the Asaib Ahlil Haq is a senior member of the Coordination Framework and Coalition of the State Administration which formed the current Iraqi Government. His views provides clarity on the internal political dynamics.