Women Empowerment in Institutional Leadership

This policy debate focused the relatively weak participation of women in decision-making in Iraq and Kurdistan Region, and how to address the gap

Iraq’s Energy Priorities: Oil, Gas and Renewables

Policy makers and experts discussed the challenges and opportunities facing Iraq in the energy sector

Decentralization or Re-centralization: That’s the Question

This policy debate examined the mode of governance in Iraq, zeroing in on the ideal scenario that could suit Iraq in light of its constitutionally stated federal nature and the diversities it enjoins.

The Al-Sudani Cabinet: Pledges, Progress & Prospects

In this policy debate, the challenges and achievements of the incumbent Al-Sudani government was critically appraised, a year after its inauguration.

Nineveh: People’s Needs, Aspirations and Perceptions

In this panel, discussions focused on Nineveh people’s needs, aspirations, and perceptions of governance in the province.

Sinjar Agreement: Progress and Barriers

An in-depth analysis of the challenges and opportunities surrounding the implementation of the Sinjar Agreement, with Rebar Ahmed, the KRG Minister of Interior, and Claudio Cordone, the Deputy SRSG

Institutionalisation of Federal-Regional Relations: A Process Long Overdue

An open and comprehensive debate with Nechirvan Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Region on the challenges facing the KRI and Iraq.

A Policy Debate with Ammar Al-Hakim on State-Building in Iraq

A comprehensive policy debate with Ammar Al-Hakim, leader of Al-Hikma Movement, on the security and political challenges facing Iraq and ways forward