Without a Federation Council, State-building in Iraq remains elusive

The unicameral legislature’s dominance has contributed to the country’s fragility, but a constitutionally mandated solution to this problem already exists

Expelling US forces from Iraq will be bad for all stakeholders – including Iran

Baghdad needs to maintain western troop presence as well as keep Tehran on side. There is a way forward

Erbil-Baghdad relations: Twenty years since the regime change

Since 2003, outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil have gone through various phases & taken different forms, with critical milestones characterising and shaping an uneasy relationship.

Twenty years of Iraq-US engagement: Where do we go now?

The US led ‘coalition of the willing’ invaded Iraq in 2003, ending the most oppressive regime. The two countries started a tumultuous mutual engagement, which is likely to become more amicable, predictable and mutually rewarding in the future.

The Intra-Shiite Battle of Wills at Its Peak: Ways forward

In his quest for ultimate power, Al-Sadir lost yet another battle. But, not to be underestimated, he has not lost the war. Policy recommendations for stakeholders

The Sadrists’ Gamble: A Milestone Even if It Fails

The Sadrists have gone ‘all-in’, challenging the system & exposing its weaknesses. Unlikely to win outright but they have pushed Iraq to a new phase in its transition.

KDP and PUK in Sadir’s Chess Game

Al-Sadir is playing to win, whatever the cost. The Sunnis won the first round. The Kurds have lost sight of the bigger picture & focused on internal rivalry. It is not too late to find a win-win outcome.

Preventing Violent Extremism in the Balkans and the MENA

Strengthening societal resilience is considered vital for the prevention of violent extremism. MERI is a member of 15 international research centres (lead by NUPI) to address this issues.