Harriet Allsopp

Harriet Allsopp is a Research Fellow at the Middle East Research Institute. She holds an MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Oxford, UK, and a PhD in Politics and MRes in Political Theory from Birkbeck College, the University of London, UK.

Harriet’s recent research has focused on Kurdish political parties in Syria. As well as tracking the Kurdish response to the Syrian uprising Harriet has looked in detail at the effects of the state system, pre-existing sub-state social structures, regional pan-Kurdish dynamics and changes in the political economy on the form of politics that has arisen amongst Kurds in Syria.

Harriet is the author of The Kurds of Syria: Political Parties and Identity in the Middle East (I. B. Tauris, 2014), “The Kurdish Autonomy Bid” in Ahmed & Gunter eds. The Kurdish Spring (Mazda, 2013), and of The Kurds of Syria: an Existence Denied (European Center for Kurdish Studies, Berlin, 2005).

Before joining MERI, Harriet worked as a freelance expert on the Middle East, with a particular focus on Syria and the Kurdish question there. In this capacity she has been consulted by numerous governmental and non-governmental organisations and institutions