MERI Forum 2018: Full Report

This is the full report of all the panels of MERI Forum 2018 where policy- and decision-makers and opinion-leaders shared visions and solutions for a range of core issues and challenges that are facing the Middle East today.

The Caliphate’s defeat: the future of Iraq

In spite of the Caliphate’s defeat, Iraq remains a fragile country with its sovereignty grossly undermined, and its state institutions weakened. Unless the Iraqi leaders focus on good governance and rule of law, ISIS is capable of re-emerging

State-building: A Roadmap for the Rule of Law and Institutionalisation in the Kurdistan Region

This policy book addresses the structural & functional weaknesses in th KRI’s governance system, and makes practical recommendations for its reform.

Turkey and the European Union: Conflicting Policies and Opportunities for Cohesion and Cooperation In Iraq and Syria

“dissent between Brussels and Ankara is highly likely given the Turkish Armed Forces’ broad kinetic engagement in both Iraq and Syria”

Displacement-Emigration-Return: Understanding Uncertainty in Iraq

The findings stress the destabilizing and traumatic effects of displacement and the urgency of addressing them

The Yazidis: Perceptions of Reconciliation and Conflict

This report focuses on the Yazidi community and their perceptions on conflicts and future reconciliation following the Islamic States invasion in 2014

Turkmen in Tal Afar: Perceptions of Reconciliation and Conflict

This report explores perceptions of reconciliation among the Turkmen community in Tal Afar through examining concepts of justice, security and return.

Competing Interests in Shingal District: Policy Recommendations for Defusing Tensions

Since 2014, Shingal has become an arena of competition between local, national and regional actors. This report outlines the competing interests and provides recommendations to all stakeholders.