MERI Forum 2017 will take place in Erbil, Kurdistan Region.


Those with Iraqi citizenship can transit through Baghdad and take a domestic flight to Erbil Airport. For foreign nationals, there are currently two options to enter the Kurdistan Region:

  1. Obtain an Iraqi visa from the Iraqi embassy in your home country, and transit through Baghdad on a domestic flight to Erbil Airport. This process may take up to two weeks or longer.
  2. Transit through Turkey to a city near the Kurdistan Region border (e.g. Diyarbakir) and travel by bus or taxi through the border and down to Erbil. This option does not, at present, require you to have an Iraqi visa, as the Kurdistan Region visa will be obtained on arrival for most nationalities.

For questions about the current visa process, please get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to assist you.


Delegates are expected to make their own accommodation arrangements. There are a range of hotels, at a variety of different price points, available across Erbil. For Forum delegates, we have arranged special rates with several different hotels, which can be found below.


Hotels Star Ratings Standard Rate Single Room Discounted Rate
Rotana 5 $225 $—
Divan 5 $– $—
Tangram 5 $– $–
Canyon 4 $120 $60
Erbil Int. Hotel 4 $– $–
Darin Plaza 4 $– $–
Paris Plaza 4 $– $–

If you require assistance with finding accommodation, please get in touch with us at events[at]