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“Innovative approaches and evidence-based strategies are what we need in Middle East politics” noted the Secretary General of the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan in his visit to MERI.

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MERI in Washington DC

August 29th, 2016 by MERI

A team of MERI’s Research Fellows will be visiting Washington DC between 5-9 September, 2016 to present their current research projects at a series of seminars and round table meetings at various think tanks and academic institutions.

The US Consul General visits MERI

August 25th, 2016 by MERI

Promoting peace and stability in Iraq and Kurdistan is of utmost importance for the US interests in the Middle East.

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Mustafa Hijri, the General Secretary of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (KDPI), and four leading members of their Politburo visited MERI on Saturday, 30 July, 2016. The political landscape and future challenges were discussed.

“The British mission is not simply about Daesh [IS], it needs a secure Iraq and a strong Kurdistan Region of Iraq with regards to politics and economy”.

Many are still concerned about administrative and political issues that existed before the fall of Mosul and will be key to ensuring stability upon its liberation.

As events unfold, the role of Kurds in Iraq and Syria is becoming irrefutable. Kurds are now a greater player in shaping the political and social mosaic of the Middle East.

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The decree urges the Peshmerga commanders across all the fronts in the fight against ISIS on compliance with the norms and principles of International Humanitarian Law, adherence to the rules of engagement and protection of civilians.

Despite the grave losses, the war on ISIS has furthered the Kurdish cause in the West and the international community values the potential role of the Kurds.

MERI is a research partner of Feuture – The Future of EU-Turkey Relations Consortium and participates in the kick of conference “Mapping Dynamics & Testing Scenarios in Istanbul”.