Shushilil Azam Bin Shuib

Shushilil Azam Bin Shuib was a Non-Resident Associate Senior Research Fellow at MERI between 2017-2019. He is also an Associate Professor at Ubudiyyah University Acheh (Business), Atic and Atlas International College of Malaysia.  He holds an MBA in International Business (Greenwich University/ Malaysia), Diploma in Arabic Literature, University Mohd V, Rabat, Morocco 1988 and Advance Diploma in Education (Arabic & Islamic studies), Institut Perguruan Islam Bangi, Malaysia 1990/1991.

Mr Shuib has extensive knowledge of, and experience in, the Middle East as well as Far East, and served as Malaysia’s Consul for Education /Regional Director, Middle East, South Asia and Central Asia.  He also has extensive academic and diplomatic experience, particularly in the field of education and higher education.  He has been involved in policy research and offered policy advice to the Government of Malaysia.  He has been advisor to the former President, Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia for the past five years.

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