Conference: Turkey-KRG Relations – 26 January

The Middle East Research Institute is organizing a joint conference with Al Sharq Forum, featuring a high-level delegation of Turkish policy-makers, academics and journalists. Together with KRG representatives and local influential figures they will discuss an array of topics related to the Turkey-KRG relations. During the course of the day, the following themes will be in focus:

Turkey’s Kurdish Peace Process: Past, Present and Future Prospects

  • Where is Turkey in the Kurdish Peace Process
  • The regional context of Turkey’s Kurdish Peace Process
  • Kurdish peace process: What role for the KRG
  • The Kurdish Peace Process: An imperative for intra-Kurdish reconciliation in a regional setting
  • Turkey’s media & civil society, and the peace process: a facilitating force or an impediment

Turkey and the Kurdistan Regional Government: Politics, Economy and Security (I)

  • Transformation in the regional politics and its implication on Turkey – KRG relations
  • Turkey and the KRG relations in pre and post-ISIS period? 
  • Turkey and KRG’s view on war on ISIS

Turkey and the Kurdistan Regional Government: Politics, Economy and Security (II) 

  • The case for closer cooperation between Turkey and the KRG in a crisis-ridden region
  • Turkey-KRG-Baghdad triangle: View from Baghdad
  • The prospect of cooperation between Turkey , the KRG, and Iraq under a new government in Baghdad
  • Business as the catalyst of Turkey – KRG relations: prospects and challenges
  • Turkey and the KRG: an energy partnership in motion?



The Turkish delegation consists of:

Taha Ozhan, Chief Adviser to Prime Minister

Dr. Hatem Ete, Chief Adviser to Prime Minister

Etyen Mahcupyan, Chief Adviser to Prime Minister

Galip Dalay, Vice President of Al Sharq Forum & Senior Associate Fellow on Turkey and Kurdish Affairs, Al Jazeera Center for Studies.

Yilmaz Ensaroglu, Director of Law and Human Rights, SETA Foundation & Member of Wise Men Commission on the settlement of Kurdish issue in Turkey

Vahap Coskun, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Dicle University

Ahmet Yildiz, Director of Research Service, Grand National Assembly of Turkey

Mensur Akgun, Professor of International Relations, Kultur University; Columnist with Star daily, and Co-founder of Global Political Trends Center

Mesut Ozcan, Adviser to Prime Minister and Vice President of Strategic Research Center, in-house think tank of Turkey’s Foreign Ministry

Ozge Genc, Director, Democratization Program, The Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) 

Ayse Ustunel Yircali, General Director, The Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) 

Yunus Akbaba, adviser at the Prime Ministry, Turkey

Halime Kokce, Columnist with Star daily and editor of Star daily’s weekly opinion supplement, Acik Gorus

Erkam Ensarioglu, Expert at the Ministry of Energy with a special focus on Turkey – KRG energy relations

Mustafa Kemal Dagdelen, Expert at Public Diplomacy Office, Prime Ministry

Metin Tuguta, Head of TRT World (Turkish Radio and Television broadcasting corporations’ English language TV)

Huseyin Yayman, Associate Professor at Gazi University, Columnist with Vatan daily, and a member of Wise Men Commission

Mesut Yegen, Professor of Sociology at Istanbul Sehir University,  Editor-in-chief of bi-monthly Kurt Tarihi (Kurdish History) magazine

Serdar Bulent Yilmaz, Head of Ozgur-Der, Diyarbakir

Cetiner Cetin, Journalist, Yeni Safak  daily

Fazıl Husnu Erdem, Professor, Law Faculty, Dicle University

Mustafa Karalioglu, Consultant to NTV and former president of Star Media Group 

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