تدريب وحدات متخصصة من الشرطة على الأداء و ضمان الجودة

In collaboration with the KRG Ministry of Interior, MERI initiated an ambitious programme of Quality Assurance (QA) within the Directorate General of Combating Violence Against Women. The programme involves training police officers on international quality standards and performance management systems. This week on January 14th, MERI runs the second and final workshop for the first group of police officers in Erbil city who will pilot the programme over the next three months. The process will be reviewed in Spring 2015 and implemented across Kurdistan Region thereafter.

MERI and the General Directorate of Combating Violence Against Women employed a modern system of Quality Assurance for trial, which aims at improving the quality of the services provided to the people at the offices, centres and the related police departments of the General Directorate of Combating Violence against Women. The system will encapsulate monitoring, evaluation and contiguous professional development of the staff.

In the second workshop, more than 25 police officers and officials from the General Directorate of Combating Violence against Women and the Ministry of the Interior will be trained on the Quality Assurance system of services provided to the public. The system will be on trial for three months in one of related offices in Erbil. Henceforth, similar training sessions will be delivered to the rest of the officers and officials so as to be widely implemented in all of the relating offices and directorates across Kurdistan. The system will be later implemented in all of the governmental institutions across Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

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